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“Electric Vehicles. The Tech, Overcoming Hurdles and the Future”

By Jordan Wyatt

As the world moves into an era dictated by climate change and limited resources, is the Electric Vehicle the solution to our transport needs?

EV enthusiast, Jordan Wyatt, invites us to slip free of the oil companies greasy grip as he dives into technology, hydroelectricity, and shows us where the rapidly changing technology and infrastructure is leading us.

“Changing Demographics in a Changing World”

By John Pearson

Have you ever wondered about the demographics of the world’s population and how this has changed over time? Biostatistician John Pearson is here to shed some light on what this means for nations going forward.

John is an Associate Professor at the University of Otago, consulting biostatistician and experienced computational biologist interested in the genetic and epigenetic basis of disease.

Burlesque – more than Bits and Boobs”

By the Burlesque Collective

In the 1830s Burlesque developed as a lower class response to refined upper-class entertainment – a mishmash of dancing, singing, comedy and notoriously, stripping. It began as a form of theatre that cleverly mocked and satirised popular operas, plays and societal issues.  Burlesque features beautiful, silly, weird, spooky and subversive performances. This artform allows performers to have autonomy over every aspect of their act from music selection, costuming, through to how they move on stage and interact with the audience. 

Members of The Burlesque Collective will share information about burlesque by delving into history and origins and speak about the elements that are used in contemporary performances. The audience will be invited to participate in an interactive lesson about the art of striptease. 

Doors open 6.30pm

Talks start 7pm

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