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“Robin Hood and the Art of Resistance”

By Bex Dollery

In the heart of Sherwood forest a legend was made, and she is here to talk to you about one of the greatest hero’s of all time, Robin Hood. Depicted in so many ways, what lies at the centre of this folklore superstar? How has Robin stolen our riches, hearts, minds and desire for rebellion? Let’s travel through millennia and discover all the Robins, including those still working today (here’s looking at you Ed Sheeran).

Bex is a self-proclaimed ancestor of Robin Hood, lover of massive oak trees and a purveyor of the gentle rebel movement. 

Assault parrots of the world (and acceptable substitutes)

By Dr Vikki Smith

Falconry is one of the oldest and most intense symbiotic relationships between man and animal. From ancient Persia over 8,000 years ago to the modern day, falconry has inspired millions of people and taken on different flavours throughout the world. From breeding falcons for the Arab sheikhs to flying eagles in the mountains of Scotland, Vikki will share her experiences of falconry in the UK, USA, and New Zealand.

Vikki is an invertebrate ecologist who grew up knee-deep in English mud. She frequently smells of raw meat, is covered in dog hair, and can’t remember the name of the Prime Minister.

Special guest – A speaker so hot they will burn your house down. To be announced 27 March.

Doors open 6pm

Talks start 7pm

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